Barnabas Bridge is a mission of cross-cultural encouragement  and education for Christian ministry.  We offer seminars designed to assist pastors and church leaders to improve their skills and knowledge for the Lord’s work in their own setting.  This partnership is intended to be helpful, motivational and to connect global Christians across geographical borders. Presently we are working with Pentecostal churches in Romania. Our hearts desire to see this expand to other denominations and countries as time and financial resources enable. Every donation helps. use the secure PayPal link below to donate right now. Thanks.

While on a mission trip Barnabas Bridge team members are also available to preach in local congregations, meet with individuals, groups, and international churches – and consult with missionaries.

A connected church is stronger, healthier. Partner with Barnabas Bridge. Join us on our next mission trip. We can facilitate a direct link with small churches that need an international partner. Together we can expand our horizons and see God at work in new ways.

How it all started:

from my notes of Oct 29, 2010:

It was one year ago that I got the international fever and ventured to north India on ministry/mission trip. What an eye-opening & blessed experience that was! I continue to stay in touch with my new friends in India. Now it is time to announce my next adventure.

My love of geography & travel, my desire to encourage those in Christian work around the world, and the prayer of Pastor Marian in Romania has added up to some quick planning for my 2010 Study Leave. I am really excited about being able to assist Christian leaders in Romania. There is a need for teaching and leadership development among church leaders – many who take over full-time pastoral responsibilities in a church without the extensive seminary training that we in North America take for granted. For so many years Romania suffered under a cruel & oppressive communist dictator by the name of Nicolae Ceausescu. In December 1989 things began to change dramatically & rapidly. Freedom & hope emerged within a few days. Twenty-one years later, a downturn in the world economy has taken its toll in Romania, and for many, the days are dark & cruel again. But remember, it is into the darkness that God has brought light & life.

I will fly to Bucharest and travel north to Bacau. I do need some missionary financial support to make this happen; to purchase the airline tickets plus accommodation and travel in Bucharest where I will look up some pastors and international church leaders before linking up with Pastor Marian for our drive to his city. Please, if this cause touches your heart, and if you can help, I will be most appreciative. I promise to keep you informed.

Let me share with you some of the comments Marian has made:

I am so happy that God placed on your heart Romania and that he orchestrated so that we can get in contact in a time when  I  was praying for people that are willing to come to Romania and teach and preach and help us in the ministry. We do not have the Bible School anymore.  Because of this, there is a need, at least in our church and our area, of the people to grow and receive some training for serving the kingdom. Beginning with last year I was praying that God will help us to start Bible training sessions on the weekends. The plan is to have 2 or 3 days at the end of the week, for teaching a subject and have a ministry time with the people ( pray for them, answer questions etc). For the Sunday to spend it, morning and evening, in different churches –  preach and do outreach. This is the plan and the vision we have. Now I want to ask you if you are willing to come and get involved in something like this.? Teach, preach and do outreach?

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