risky business?

Barnabas Bridge – Wednesday August 27 2014 – Risky Work?

The photos below are from Tg Mures. They could be from any city in Romania. And the brutal living conditions we have seen in rural villages break our hearts. We have great admiration for the pastors and their families who take incarnational ministry to an exemplary level. Limited resources, a lack of affirmation & appreciation, betrayal, frustration, are all experienced by almost everyone in ministry. But it is intensified in this country. There is not the same level of training. Many are isolated. Support networks are missing. There are also additional challenges for those who are called to the cross-cultural ministry to the Roma. Trust and respect issues, destructive gossip, threats & theft, constant violence and drunkenness, little progress in discipleship, – special people are doing this work. We get off easy when we travel. There is a sense of safety as we stick close to our friends when walking in the community. Sometimes residents refuse to move their children or work tools or carpets (being washed) when we try to take the car down the lane to & from the pastor’s house – and our hosts must do some good Romanian raised voices confrontation persuasion. It is a rented car, and to save money we do not take out extra insurance (perhaps a little risky if you have seen Bucharest traffic, or shared the road with countless horse-drawn wagons). Thus, for safety, Pastor Horvath invites us to bring the car into their courtyard. This is their garden and a play area for all the grandchildren but it is important to keep the car safe. Well, sort of safe: from the top of the hill above their house, locals often rain down stones and rocks onto the house roof, aiming for people and our rented vehicle. So we cover the car with pillows and blankets. Yet Pastor Horvath and his family remain, being there to help people in life’s challenges: offering worship & prayer opportunities. I applaud them. I thank God that we have an opportunity to partner and assist.

As we seek encouragement and confirmation in our obedience to God’s call to this work, please read about why our Barnabas Bridge August campaign is so important by clicking here https://barnabasbridge.net/31-08-14-campaign/






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In 2016 Doug Johns retired from ministry in Canada to devote more time to international work and travel. He is a graduate of York Univ. (B.A.) and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (M.Div.). Doug is married to Yvonne and they live in Creston, BC. They have four grown children plus eight grandchildren. Doug is a serious runner. Combined with an insatiable passion for geography from his youth, running races around the world has become a gateway for adventure. Doug started distance running at age 60. He has worked, studied, traveled, and run internationally.
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