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Barnabas Bridge – Monday August 25 2014 – The Children

Corruption and poverty – this is the future for many Romanian children. Whether, Hungarian, Roma or Romanian, these kids will grow up struggling to either cope with or break from the leftover corrupt and discouraging oppressive systems of Communist rule. Even 25 years later the cycle of hopelessness persists. Now graduating from Universities is the first generation raised in freedom – freedom to see via TV, movies and internet how the western world lives. Who can blame the young adults from seeking a better future outside of their home country? The population of Romania is about 20 million. Demographic data shows children up to 14 years old make almost 16 percent of the population; young people 15 to 24 = 12.3 percent; Those over 65 = 16.1 percent of Romania’s population, and people above 85 are 1.3 percent of the country’s population. Barnabas Bridge can’t begin to make life better for all Romanian children. But by partnering with a few families and a few congregations we can bring some encouragement, some resources, & some smiles to small groups of children. We can assist some congregations that are divinely positioned to have an impact for good, for God – on your behalf let us link you to some of these opportunities.

As we seek encouragement and confirmation in our obedience to God’s call to this work, please read about why our Barnabas Bridge August campaign is so important by clicking here

1 child street

2 kids in street

grandma kids carpet

kids stroller

maranatha church thank you kids

Marta & Romi kids

Y with Lidya

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